2-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker With Two 5″ Bass Drivers And A 1″ Softdome Treble Unit - Walnut

Brand: Mission
LX-4 MKII is a 2-way Floorstanding loudspeaker with two 5″ bass drivers and a 1″ softdome treble unit.
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Colour: Walnut
Design and Construction: The Mission LX-4MKII BK speakers are built with a rigid MDF cabinet, which reduces unwanted vibrations and ensures accurate and distortion-free sound. Additionally, the speakers feature bi-wire terminals, allowing for a higher quality connection to amplifiers.
Driver Configuration: Each speaker features a two-way design with dual 5.25-inch advanced fiber bass/midrange drivers and a 1-inch dome tweeter. This driver configuration ensures accurate and balanced audio performance.
Frequency Response: The Mission LX-4MKII BK speakers offer a frequency response range of 42Hz to 30kHz, providing a wide range of audio frequencies to produce clear and accurate sound.
Power Handling: The Mission LX-4MKII BK speakers are capable of handling a maximum power input of 120 watts, making them suitable for use with a range of amplifiers and receivers.
Sensitivity: These speakers have a sensitivity rating of 88dB, indicating their efficiency in converting power into sound. They can deliver relatively high volume levels with less power.
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Product Properties

  • Cabinet Volume (in litres)
  • Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m)
  • General


The LX MKII Series is the latest in a long line of distinguished Mission loudspeakers, joining the multi-award-winning speakers from the mid-level QX Series and the flagship ZX Series. LX MKII maintains the Mission trademark ‘Inverted Driver Geometry’ design, which means the path length between the drivers is optimized. Unique at this price-point, this arrangement allows the precision-tuned crossover to yield improved transient attack and astonishing detail.

Perfected over hundreds of hours of critical listening by Mission’s lead acoustic designer, Peter Comeau, Mission LX MKII utilizes trickle-down innovations from the revered ZX series. Improvements in the famous Mission DiaDrive bass unit offer superior control of the low-frequency diaphragm while a refined high-frequency performance and a re-engineered cabinet bracing system further help create a loudspeaker system that outperforms its price-class.

Advanced New Driver Surrounds and Crossover

One of the critical areas highlighted by the development of Mission ZX and QX models was the use of serrations in the driver surrounds to help scatter interfering reflections from localized surfaces to the dome and cone

LX MKII now incorporates these serrations into the driver surrounds, adding further finesse to the drive unit outputs and providing a smoother frequency response

With minor perturbations in the driver response ironed out, the crossover for each model has been optimized to take advantage of the improved performance

The result is that the LX MKII builds on the winning formula of the LX, both enhancing the clarity of midrange and treble detail and improving the micro-dynamics of the musical performance for an even more thrilling listener experience

Inverted Geometry Drive Design

Mission’s classic IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry) driver format positions the high frequency below the bass / midrange driver meaning the length of path is equalized so the sound waves coincide at the listener’s head height. A proprietary principle that improves ‘time alignment’ and thus transient performance in Mission speakers

A New Start, With a New Finish

Standout new finish options follow the Mission mantra of fusing Hi-Fi heritage with contemporary design. LX MKII is beautifully finished in a choice of walnut pearl, and the latest Lux Black and Lux White matte finishes.

LX MKII is the epitome of affordable high-end audio, harnessing materials, techniques and technologies that you would only expect to find in other speakers costing many times the price

Whatever your choice of music, LX MKII will reproduce it with outstanding accuracy, detailing and realism, embodying Mission’s traditional adage since the 1970s

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