Floor Stand for Sonos Move - Black

Brand: Flexson
Model: FLXSMFS1051
The perfect place to charge and listen to the Sonos Move. The speaker is held securely, and is easily removed when you want to take it outside.
Built-In Cable Management
Durable Steel & Aluminum Construction
Easily Removed for Mobile Audio
For Sonos Move Speaker & Charging Base
Ideal Height for Seated Listening
Integrated Adjustable Carpet Spikes
Rubber Feet for Wood & Tiled Floors
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With the Floor Stand for Sonos Move from FLEXSON in black, you can give your Sonos Move speaker a stationary platform that's ideal for seated, indoor listening. The stand is compatible with both the Sonos Move and its charging base, so you can charge it while you enjoy your favorite audio. Integrated cable management keeps everything neat and clean as you charge. Even though it's a fixed platform, the Move can be easily disconnected when you want to go portable with the speaker around your home or outside.

Additional Features

• Durable steel and aluminum construction
• Adjustable carpet spikes
• Rubber feet for wood and tiled flooring
• Bespoke design securely holds the Sonos Move and the charging base
• Sonos Move can be charged while on the floor stand
• Sonos Move easily removed when you want to take it outside
• Positions the speaker at ideal height for seated listening
• Quick and easy assembly
• Includes adjustable carpet spikes and rubber feet for wood/tiled floors
• Clever cable management to keep things tidy
• Constructed from steel and aluminium
• Designed and manufactured in the UK

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