Wall Mount With Corner Piece For Sonos Era 100 Speaker (Black, Single)

Brand: Flexson
Model: FLXE100WM1021
  • Designed to colour match your Sonos speaker
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Crafted specifically to support the Sonos Era 100 speaker
  • Can be inverted to hold the speaker upside down
  • Unique tilting mechanism a
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This Flexson Wall Mount is built to hold your Sonos Era 100 speaker at the ideal listening height and position, thanks to the unique tilting mechanism and swivel that allows for easy movement of your speaker into the perfect angle and now with corner mount adapter plate.

The Flexson Wall Mount for the Sonos Era 100 is colour matched to your speaker, and blends discreetly and stylishly in any environment, with a clever design that hides cable entry while keeping your speaker secure. Like all Flexson products, this Wall Mount for the Sonos Era 100 is precision engineered, and quick and easy to assemble.

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