Mobile Wireless DAC and Headphone Amp

Brand: Audiolab
Turn your favorite corded headphones/earphones into Bluetooth headphones with the Audiolab M-DAC nano, a mobile wireless DAC and headphone amplifier with remarkable high-resolution digital playback that's compatible with iOS, Android, or any compatibl
3.5mm Headphone Jack
32-Bit Instant Sample Rate Conversion
64-Step Digital Volume Setting
8 Hours at 16-Bit / 5.5 Hours at 32-Bit
Built-In Wirelessly Rechargeable Battery
Connects to Device via Bluetooth 4.2
iOS and Android Compatible
Qi Wireless Charging Pad Included
Up to 32-Bit / 384 kHz
Use Any Hi-Fi Headphones Wirelessly
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Product Properties


M-DAC nano
Renowned for making industry leading and award-winning DACs, audiolab proudly presents the M-DAC nano. Combining hi-resolution digital playback with portable convenience, this is the latest addition to the M-DAC family and is the smallest yet.

Mobile wireless DAC and headphone amp
Similar in size to a small matchbox, the M-DAC nano is a brilliantly simple way to transform headphone sound quality when you are on the go. It connects wirelessly to Android phones, iPhones, tablets and more via Bluetooth, untethering the listener’s headphones from the playback device – much more convenient for mobile use than DAC/headphone amps that require cables to connect.

And that is not the only thing that is wireless. The M-DAC nano’s built-in battery supports Qi wireless charging – simply pop it on the supplied charging pad to deliver up to eight hours of playing time.

Of course, all this convenience would mean nothing if the M-DAC nano’s sound quality was subpar – but audiolab has squeezed in plenty of tech to ensure it sounds great!

Usage And Benefits
Turn your favourite corded headphones or earphones into Bluetooth ones – convenient for audio on the go.

Digital upsampling tech, hi-res digital-to<> analogue conversion and powerful ampliļ¬cation deliver enhanced sound quality compared to plugging headphones/earphones directly into phones, tablets, laptops etc.

Bluetooth reception (with support for aptX, aptX Low Latency and AAC) means no more messing with USB OTG cables for Android devices and all the necessary cables/adapters for iOS devices, in contrast to portable DAC/headphone amps that require USB connection. Just pair and go!

Advanced audio technology delivers superior sound quality compared to headphones / earphones with integrated Bluetooth.

Great way to use corded phones with an iPhone without a headphone output – untethered from the iPhone and no Lightning adapter required!

Can also be used to add high-quality Bluetooth reception to a home-based audio system – simply connect the M-DAC nano’s 3.5mm headphone output to a 3.5mm ‘aux’ input or RCA-phono inputs (cable not supplied).

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